Community mural project with Childhood Trust and Specsavers, NottingHill





Proposal date: 27 March 2019

Action dates: Preparation mural date by artist: Tuesday 23rd April 2019 Morning 9/10 am-12/12:30 pm.

Community mural date: Wednesday 24th April 2019 12:30 pm -5pm. Lunch break 1 hour.

Objective: Prepare the mural. Outline pastel pink and pastel blue boxes and outline/stencil words: YOU, ARE and HERE in the morning day before. Day of the community mural, artist is there to support volunteers to paint in the letters and the colour box background.

Attitude: Open and collaborative. Prepare to make mistakes, laugh and merge minds/hearts for a great cause.

Volunteer number estimate: 10-15

Location: Ladbroke Grove/ Nottinghill, London. The Venture Community Association.


To inspire and leave a legacy for the children of this community: You Are Here a statement of their existence regardless of gentrification and social pressures in the area. I designed and directed this project that is close to my heart: children and possibility. Thank you @childhoodtrust ( a fab cause helping children in poverty) for sourcing me, @brewerspaints for your excellent material donations, @specsavers team for volunteering your time, cool and welcoming crew at the Venture Community Association where kids are free to be themselves. You are here, you matter.