Battle of Commercial and painting: Part 2

These Installation shots give you a small insight to the length of the store and different viewpoints of colour seen by a viewer whilst walking through the space. I believe the dynamic between the rubbery and shiny surfaces in the latex pieces and the cellophane pieces tied the installation well together. Giving the viewer the atmosphere that the painting was almost rejecting them or their gaze. In my presentation my peers and tutors saw that I had inhabited a space of the commercial and in a way made my paintings enhance that aspect, not making them commercial pieces but resonating the aspect of commercial, almost rejecting the idea. As the plastic like materials give off a sense of fetish to some but also the idea of containment and wrapping, making painting inaccessible to the viewer whilst very much connoting the minimalist abstract artists. I like that there was a dynamic between giving the history of painting a “wink” as it where but also rejecting it by bringing down the hierarchy of its history by placing these works in a commercial space, to then change from the abstract artists by using these materials that are seen mostly in sculptures.

An interesting comment that was mentioned in my presentation was that the works and the space almost became one, for example putting these artworks in this particular space made them commercial. At first I did not know whether this was a positive or negative note about the work, looking back on it I feel that it is positive and it meant that the work and the space became one, that they reflected one another.


“Each of these supports allows the artist to discover its “rules”, which will in turn become the basis for that recursive self-evidence of a medium’s specificity. If such artists are “inventing” their medium, they are resisting contemporary art’s forgetting of how the medium undergirds the very possibilities of art.” 

(Krauss, 2011)

Seeing this quote in Krauss’ book “Under blue cup” instigated a trail of thoughts of what I thought towards this exhibition and the rules of painting and the medium, that the environment which I placed my works in automatically changed the viewers perspective of it, that the work and space resonated or affected with each other. The idea of commercial, money and worth and how this was translated through the idea of stretched plastic, a fetish like texture that some connected with the space of commercial. I like this idea of seeing this exhibition as a success as it raised questions about the art market and my work and placings of specific pieces.