About witchcraft and technology,

About domes and crystal balls,

About how to predict the future

And how to research the past.

I have never wanted to be a witch so bad.

I wish I was a virtual witch.

I wish I was a digital archeologist.

I hate WhatsApp and how it keeps me on an expectant mode.

Someone is writing….

All the possibilities go through my mind of what the answer might be.

I think it is paranoia.

I have never wanted to be a witch so bad.

What’s in your mind?

I’ll wait 2 minutes to get back to you.

E às vezes odeio quando me respondes em inglês.

About being natural or artificial.

Porque é que me continuas a dizer que gostas que seja normal?

What do words mean in a different language?

Will you know what I mean?

Someone is writing….

I am feeling paranoid.

Well, there is a way to make it a loooot easier for you

Sinto-me diferente quando volto a falar português.

About trying too hard.

Losing a sense of self.

Artist in captivity.

Eu não sou artista.

Someone is writing….

Dematerialization of the flesh.

But also makes it a lot shittier for her.

I’m not very good at reading metaphors.

Why would you say that?

About a virtual being.

About a detached body.

About an immaterial object.


@wimbledon/One Night Stand exhibition