The Rise of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning- Yoshua Bengio

This video deals with how people make computers learn to perceive the world as people do. According to Yoshua Bengio, there is a key problem to apply the way how people perceive the  world to computers and it is ‘Unsunpervised learning’ which is intuitive learning. Take an example, 2 year old babies know if they drop the ball, it will reach the ground, even though they did not learn. But computers cannot know this fact if they do not learn about it.


The solution of this problem is for machines to learn that knowledge by themselves. Because knowledge is what enables intelligence. To realize this idea, reductionism influenced by humans’ brain, is applied to machine learning. Lead an example, when computer receives the information. number ‘4’, it builds hierarchy of representations; Edges, Strokes, Characters, Meaning and High meaning. And then through these procedures, computer can put together small parts and understands more meaningful and abstract idea.