Interview with Alison Ballard

Recently i had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Alison Ballard a Contemporary Artist who has been a lifelong Friend and Artist. We first meet at Nottingham Trent University in 2001. I was a couple of weeks late due to being late because i was stuck in America after the 9/11 attacks. Ali was the first one to reach out and invite me for tea and cake and we have been fellow Artists and Friends ever since. I am so proud and in awe of both her practice and commitment to being an Artist. We both did the Erasmus exchange program where we found ourselves in Den Haag,  the Netherlands and we smashed it not only finding a 16 bedroom home with only four artists living in it but also creating a exhibition within that extra space we had with a load of international Artists…. Alison Ballard is certainly one to watch and below she gives advice to what it means to be an Artist….


PS you can check out her website here


Q & A 

With Alison Ballard 

Tell me about your practice. 

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. I use time-based mediums to explore changing notions of what it means to be present, to witness something in real time, and the impact technology is having on our sense of self using film, installation, audio, and performance.

Where did you study ? 

University of the Arts London, UK: MA Sound Arts

Nottingham Trent University, UK: BA (Hons) Fine Art

The Royal Academy of the Arts, NL: Erasmus Study Exchange

University of Hertfordshire, UK: BTEC Dip. Art & Design Foundation Studies

You teach at Nottingham Trent what’s the most rewarding thing about your position?

Seeing young artists develop, without a doubt. It’s a real privilege to be a part of their progress and to help them find their feet. 

Any advice for a young Artist? 

Don’t sweat it too much. So many young artists have such fixed ideas in their heads about how their lives will pan out when things rarely ever go the way you expect them to. Let it happen naturally. Work hard and engage in your practice but don’t give in to the pressure to copy the ‘in crowd’. Go to things, volunteer, pay attention to what’s going on, meet people but be yourself. And be patient. The rest will take care of itself.

What exhibitions are coming up next ?

Pro Tem, 3-14 June 2019, Martin Hall Gallery, Loughborough University.
PV 31 May, 4-6pm.

This year I’ve been developing some new ideas while artist-in-residence at Loughborough University (LU) as part of the scheme Artists Access to Art Colleges. I’ll be taking part in Pro Tem, a group show alongside 4 other artists you’ve been working at LU this year.

There is more in the pipeline for later this year but it’s too soon to talk about those.