Talk to me.

Everyone is absolutely lonely for a while.

Eager to get a little bit of a response.

The appearance of those small movements.

To fill the emptiness inside.

Everything in this world are all living things?

The answer is yes to me.

Exhibit view_Sympathetic Visage

One year in Beijing was the first time that I left my hometown to live and work in another city. After losing the familiar environment, family and friends around me, there is an indescribable sense of loneliness. During the six months of living alone, I gradually felt that my mood began to change, and I began to become extremely sensitive after a long period of no communication. On the way to a friend’s house for a party, I met a special electric light. When I was walking, the light bulb began to flash. When the sound is small, the light emitted by the light bulb is weak, and when the sound is loud, the light emitted by the light bulb is strong, as if it could communicate with me. Because the light bulb’s response to sound made me feel as if the object had life and the ability to respond to me, so I recorded the process. I make all kinds of noises under the light bulb, and the light bulb keeps flashing, like it could communicate with me. Then I added the sound of heartbeat to make it more like a real live, in order to show the short communication between people in extreme loneliness and inanimate life.

In the exhibition space, I hang a light bulb in front of the projector. Under the strong light from projector, a shadow of a light bulb appears on the wall, and the filament in the light bulb will flash with the light. I use the light bulb installation as the media to follow the video echo, in order to let the audience to feel what I feel  When I was standing in the corridor with the lamp exchange of loneliness.

Exhibit view_Nostalgia

Exhibit view_Reflection