For artistic creation, the process is more important than the result. For this reason, it is hard to define whether artwork has the closed-loop structure on its conception and organization. Therefore, I believe I should focus on the continual study of a concept. This study can develop in depth and breadth, trace back to the cause and imagine for the future. As the following, every single work which is in the system is the part of the whole, also shares the different task. I believe this is a positive methodology for me. It can expand and enhance my concept and theory when I continually create artworks. It is understandable that the concept looks like an expanding net. The specific works as the nodes on the net. The boundaries among nodes are ambiguous and transformable.

The curiousness and research for the boundaries of everything constitute my method of expanding the studying net. Usually, as the reason for reflecting the marginalization of questions and myself, I could divide myself to the two different unities. The one is the self who as a work maker but the other is the critic. What the work maker would do should be based on social reality, create the concept and make works. However, the work of the critic would be based on these works, reflect the meaning and do some changes. The two different modes interweave with each other from the beginning of creating a concept to the formation of the artwork. In concluding, I describe this methodology being established in the boundary to reflect the meaning of the cord, including the artists themselves.