Me map

I had very recently applied to be a mentee within the Creative Mentor Network for unit 3.

One of the tasks during the interview process was to come prepared with a “me map” that explained your background, passions and ambitions. My passions included “producing work that speaks to my lived experiences and interests. Black. African cultures. Philosophy. Human condition. Music . Travel. Emotional release. Emotional growth. Psycho education.” Listing my passions made me think about the PHD lecture that we had not too long before that. It made think about the statement that was said about Artists using studies like sociology / psychology as tools for making a contribution to my artistic practice. I am not a sociologist or a psychologist. A contribution to those studies MAY happen but it is about the contribution to art and what that does for people. 

That has slowly allowed me to take a bit of pressure off of my work. There are so many things I would for it to do, but I am actually an artist who enjoys and is fascinated by those studies. My work will have better impact if I don’t force it do be or do something that it may not be able to do.