object/product as content of context, and other thoughts

1.Every time when someone says “Art involved in society,” I was like “hmm, seems like someone have really escaped.”

2.*Noticing that each piece of Andrea and Peter’s cardboard has a marking number…
…reminds me of Stanley Kubrick marking all his walk-on actors.

3. British Museum visual bond-1

4. British Museum visual bond-2

5. Nice absence

6. sexy lunch box wearing fishnet socks

7. What am I doing? How do I locate these objects? Are they artworks or everyday items? The answer I gave myself was: on the one hand, they are objects that cannot be placed on the stand or in a white cube. They cannot be protected behind a fence for viewing and appreciation. They are not about performances. They are about functionality. Their narrative must be reflected in the context of everyday life. Their value can only be recognized when people use it, or at least understand how to use it. They need to be purchased and need to be taken in person.

Pikachu in Chinatown is begging with the Elf Ball(?)

8. The essential difference between human being and a Pokemon is the way to use the same tool.