Sad Bois

The term Sad Boi is something I only really encountered until this year (2019) when I met a work colleague for the first time, he said “you’re a proper sad boi aren’t you!?” I was confused but also, it resonated with me. I go back to singing along to Raleigh Ritchie (musician and self proclaimed sad boi) and washing pots, moaning about how my life isn’t coming to anything yet I continue to do nothing about it. 

Ultimately this term comes from someone who projects sadness, says self deprecating things and jokes about suicide but never does anything about it, this is the description I read on urban dictionary. Aesthetically, a sad boi looks like an accumulation of tiny hat skater bois, goth bois, hipster bois, the list goes on and on. Made popular by the musician Drake and his early works which consisted of spilling his heart out about previous relationships/hook ups, as his career progressed, so did the sad boi. Drake went from releasing one of the most heartfelt, emotional albums (Take care) to blending into the Trap and Grime scene all at one (every album after Take Care) 

A dichotomy of internet trends, an accumulation of memes. I’m interested in this idea of Sad bois and how they are an interpretation of something from the internet irl. 

I punched a wall at work recently out of anger/frustration due to several things happening at once, I spent 3 months recovering, had surgery to straighten the bone and have had a lot of memes sent to me about a fictional character names “Kyle”, a white boy who drinks monster energy drinks and punches walls. 

I think I’m just trying to laugh it off, I’m laughing at myself and the idiotic choice I made, while also, actually no I’m just straight up laughing. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Creating work based on this subject has come from a lot of thought about my previous films and the seriousness in which they embody, I wanted to create a story and have a character that not only you could relate to in some way, but I don’t want the viewer to feel disinterested at the idea of the artist pushing certain feelings onto them. 

I felt like the works I’ve made In the past, lacked an element of criticality when based on the subject of “sad”, it almost felt like the films were myself, pushing melancholia onto people. 

Have you ever seen the vine of the kid on his computer and he’s looking at a meme of someone in bed under the covers and he goes “ha ha I do that” 

I think this is something to take into consideration when thinking about how my works are perceived by the viewers. If someone did actually watch my work and said “ha ha, I do that” I would legit be happy ngl.

The vine above is the perfect analogy for my fear of making films and probably explains my anxiety towards what viewers will think, because a 6 second clip uploaded to the internet of instant entertainment, do you not think this is a terrifying thought, Im spending hours a day editing a video and if they walk in, stand there and nothing interests them for more than 6 seconds, lol byeeeeee. This is where I spend a lot of my time, worrying about other people’s opinions. 

Anyway, I’m losing track of what I’m talking about. What was I talking about?

Sad boi’s, yeah so, its a thing on the internet about boys who ghost girls and wear dickies trousers (cropped) and overall they’re not the most loved characters. I saw a picture on the internet once that said “sad bois fucking happy girls”. 

My friend eddy describes them as 2019 fuck bois and he’s absolutely right. Using sadness as a tool to get with a girl or to get people to resonate with your feels. Nah thats not how life works. 

This is a continuation of my previous works but exploring different aspects of sad I guess.