Unit 2/ Mafazine issue- Art showcase in supermarkets by Evaldas Gulbinas

Researching local supermarkets to exhibit own artwork. How to exhibit your work without using own artworks and materials? How to showcase art during Covid- 19 outbreak?

I’ve research two local supermarkets “Sainsbury’s” and “Asda”.

First, researched supermarket is ” Sainsbury’s”.

Question is- what is art? How to make artwork from nothing and exhibit in supermarket? I’ve chosen the idea of “Chaos and Confusion”. As well, exhibition produce humour and ironic motifs. Due to Covid- 19 which is contemporary moment of disorder in London, Uk, I have started switching the products in the supermarkets. The prize and name of the products switched off, presents the disorder of shopping. Some people in chaos has anxiety by not knowing what to buy- so they just switching the products all the time. Switched product has hesitation appearance.

I have taken the picture of the Sainsbury’s staff holding the exhibition logo. Logo represent’s that staff is alone working in the store. Staff has no clue, that I was switching the products in places and making mess in the shop.
Wine was placed in Milk product place, with idea that people should drink wine instead of milk or wine is equal to milk at these days. These picture was taken in Sainsbury’s local shop.

Second shop, I’ve chosen in ” Asda” supermarket to make art showcase.
In Asda supermarket, I gave the illustrative picture of the guy which has dice instead of eyes. It represents, me playing with products and labels in the shop. Asda’s shop staff, which is keeping the logo of exhibition has no clue about it- what is funny, as well.
Milk drink was place in “Demon Glass Cleaner” site. Maybe we should clean all the dirty stuff with milk? This picture was taken in Asda supermarket.
WD- 40 was placed in ” Asda Super Smoothie” site. Maybe we all should drink WD- 40, as a smoothie juice?

All these ideas represents- ” Do we actually know what are we buying in supermarkets?” , ” Are we buying things because of label and so on?” .

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