Thoughts on sound

During this time I am even more fascinated by the sound because due to the virus I often walk alone and this silence allows me to listen and process sounds that otherwise I would not hear from the crowds.
I can say that this sound of silence that accompanies me on my walk is great company for me.
I began to think that the sound of silence in particular may be free for many interpretations, it can have many colors and forms and it becomes a means of representation that creates a new perception of space, inside and outside it.
It is magical that sound can and does transform space.
Also even more magical is that it is an abstract medium that you can not touch or see but you can immediately feel it and without seeing the object you just perceive it with an experiential mechanism.
In essence, you experience the conception of an idea, a sound form.
The sound creates dimensions.
A small and silent sound can give birth to huge emotions and forms and so many other sounds and meanings.
A deep inner exploration of the self.

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