tåhume- manifesto for tricky days

As traditional exhibiting spaces are increasingly challenged and irrelevant it was only natural for alternative suggestions to appear all around. Even though it must be said that most of them are of exceptional ingenuity, it might be time to consider such an approach in a more pragmatic rather than a solely experimental sense. Nobody really knows precisely how long and in which ways is the current pandemic going to be affecting us in direct or less so ways in the future. We should invent a way to overcome this constant opening and closing of galleries, which is unfortunately absolutely necessary but at the same time leads to casting doubt on and cancelling the very core of extrovert art world as a concept. People are tired, scared and disoriented and it is highly likely that the majority of the audience would not bother seeking ways for attending shows in this maze of ever-changing circumstances. And even beyond all of this, the issue might be deeper. If the structure of art presentation is currently so easy to be dismissed as inessential and only replaced with clumsily improvised half-measures then it is probably time for artists to organically work towards changing this. We invite artists to imagine new ways of presenting their works while at the same valuing safety but also avoiding stale and uninspired methods like the plague. Because art is not a luxury but a necessity!

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