bed time stories

a place of total calm; where children tell us of the olden days. Before our time, before i phones. in that land the people and animals spoke the same language and all gathered around the sacred fire to sing together and thank the gods.

there was much to be thankful for.

the stars, the fruit, the clean rivers and lakes, the endless ocean and floating islands. but mainly they were thankful for each other.

there were always little misunderstandings and small frictions//suspicions. a farmer found the barley and apples he had harvested the previous day for making cider were missing. a fox was suspected of running away with his chickens, after all interspecies breeding was still a regular occurrence. how else to explain mermaids and centaurs?

but these were, for the most part, pranks or practical jokes sent by the gods to test us and entertain themselves.

for with great power came extreme boredom.

so it came to pass that humans and other animals started to take sides, and blame each other for the missing crops, and miss matched elopements. this division of man and beast further drove us away from the nature of true friendship brought about much pain and suffering, for non more so, then for the gods themselves.

maria konder

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