Monologue 02

Vickie Amiralis

How are you?

Was that an honest answer?

What have you done today?

Tell me when you last felt inspired.

Re live that moment.

Close your eyes and describe your most favourite comfort food.

Where are you when you eat it?

Do you have something you’d like to talk about?

I’d like to get to know you, understand you and hear the stories you would like to share.

In the meantime i’ll imagine my feet immersing into a pool of warm custard.


Alessandra Akiwumi


The memory. For it had always seemed to her, that it would merely recede into the background. It would become a haze. Oh, she was wrong. What a night it would have been without the haunting of the past. The doors had been taken off the hinges and the feeling could never be shut out.

The sounds, the smells, the sights. How still, cold and tense. The faces lost their definition, slowly corroding. Numb. Standing there by the open window, knowing something awful was about to happen; looking at the sky, at the trees and the motionless leaves. Giulia said “close the window”—was that it?—”switch off the lights”—was that it? She forgot which.


The tea that she put out on the table was going cold. For it was the beginning of August, the air was thinner, the fog hung low and the mornings were cooler.

She still stood by the open window, feet frozen to the floor, muscles tense. Giulia’s damp, warm hand grabbed her arm and with frantic pace lead her into the dark corners of the house. How strange! What was a space so warm and open morphed into one so claustrophobic and dim. How many years has it been? Probably over ten—and she could not shake the image.

She remembers the light that streamed through the cracks of the door. A flicker would occasionally catch Giulia’s eye, before it danced away and illuminated something else. Fragments of light revealing and concealing, transforming the space into one that barely resembled reality. Absence and uncertainty.

Wenhui (Elise) Xie

Yijie Sun

Talking about the “Green” Project from Post-Humanism

Post-humanism is a hot topic in recent years. With the addition of various disciplines, the concept of this topic has become more meaningful for discussion. In my research, I found two words posthuman and posthumanism. These two seemingly identical words are different in different places of use. Posthuman emphasizes the change of human material form. Posthumanism is a backwash and criticism relative to the concept of humanism.

Two words transhuman and non-man were developed at the same time. In my understanding, transhuman emphasizes that the post-humanities dominated by science and technology did not get rid of the influence of traditional humanism and strengthened the humanistic image to develop this transhuman image. Then in-human is more of a critical discourse. It is trying to reflect on human nature and subjectivity. Try to discover the non-man image that is anti-traditional humanism.

For the green project, I spent some time giving it some forms of activity and conditions for existence. Although humanbeing is an important concept, Green maintains the image of non-human. It may also mean that it will take over the role of human at some time in the future. Many disaster movies assume various possibilities of world destruction. When the image of man disappears, other non-human creatures will become the dominant position of the earth. How will the retention of ideas continue? Deincarnation is a characteristic of post-humanism. Green can be regarded as a self-destructive existence, and it can also be regarded as a critique that transcends anthropocentrism.


I feel pressure.

From the outside, 

it’s pressing in,

And from the inside,

it’s pressing out.

It’s everywhere I turn.

It’s everywhere I run.

It’s everywhere Im trying to go,

Am I the only one?

It squeezes the air out from my lungs,

It grips my heart so tight.

Its right there in my dreams,

Through every restless night.


A poem by Ewald Rist

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