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I was listening to the Episode N.16  of the AQNB artist statement, where Jared Davis is in conversation with Huw Lemmey. I love this serie of podcasts. “conversation series exploring the perspectives in art generated by the changing contexts, politically, culturally, socially. Technology, communication and beyond”. Sounds lovely, no?♥

They somehow simulate the most honest and stimulating conversations I can ever have during this second big lockdown & big-time-isolation. Fun, how at this point I’m able to call a podcast a conversation. No one is speaking to me.

However, I found very sweet how Lemmey talked about cosmology as we kind of understand it nowadays, so mostly as a form of ecology, interrelated with natural things. And also

abandoned forests and therefore surviving 


open up, embrace us

Mind – body – spirit: ossia, the renewed interest we have in the relation of the three. That’s another key of connection which seems to bring individuals together right now. We are all together daily interacting and building relationships through the internet and social media. And we are collecting, all together, the social effects of these modalities of being in the world. We are all together in terms of anxiety and stress. Isn’t it fascinating how all this -thanks all the gods and all the sacred things xx- brought us closer to understand the importance of reflecting on our emotional, mental and spiritual state? Speculating around it, orienting our creativity in this direction, as if this is the necessary prayer in order to keep things together. And more consciously or not, we are creating new spells for the present, for an ever evolving definition of the self and the environment, for re-imagining things and words. Yes, once again finding something with a potential within the context of this very odd moment. Take three deep breaths. 

That’s the soundtrack of this typing. It’s magic music. The end of the sixties, Battisti and the archaic values, the energy of the sun of South America. Maybe the instrumental digressions and obsessive percussion made me think that they resemble those new spaces for the mind, for dreams and also that I miss dancing.

Take three deep breaths

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