How I Became a Master Chef

On this Wednesday, I did a cooking performance of a sponge cake with “Life Long Noodles”. These are the posters I designed for this event and a short version of the video recording:

The full video of performance can be viewed at Part 1, Part 2.

For anyone who is interested in the recipe, feel free to try this yourself:

To achieve this wonderful result, I learned a lot from cooking masters on Youtube. Here are a selection of my notes on how I improved my cooking skills:

Football Theamed Cake:

Retro effect (low resolution)

Calm voice 

Put jam into the ball

Cake with icing:

Mixer became very fast suddenly then cut into a different scene (good editing!)

Pour red jam into the icing sugar, to make it more pink

If not pink enough, put more sugar

Still, Pour more sugar

Just more sugar to experiment if it can turn into pink

Drip the mixture slowly 

Chicken and Bacon Sandwich:

Cook bacon without oil

Put butter on bread, directly on stove

Put the whole bacon on bread

Don’t mind the details, such as the bread getting out of the plate

Looks minimalistic

Mild compliment 

Vegan Scrambled Eggs:

Estimate the amount of water to be used

Use tools creatively to mix flour and water

Mixing slightly


No need to preheat to save up time

Hydrate the rice well in the pan

Peas in fancy mug?

Be generous to put a lot of seafood

Son saying “I’ve never heard fish in paella”

Mexican Food:

Use knife to peel off onion’s skin

Put cooking before health

Cut bell pepper without the top part

Small knife to cut bell pepper

Uneven cut

Add chicken directly into spicy sauce

Use chunks of meat

Personalised-shape taco

Food overfill the tart

Son saying delicious and gorgeous 

A Different Spaghetti Bolognese:

Use fork to beat the egg

Use fork to mix the mince meat with the egg

Use hands to grab the meat and wrap the pasta sticks

Pour tomato sauces directly on top of meat and pasta

Put them in oven

Use tiny knife to cut onions 

Sprinkle onions on top of burnt meat and pasta

Pour a lot of tomato juices on top to cover all

Eggslut Sandwich:

Raw eggs inside the pan 

Use two spoons to take the butter

Crack eggs with spoon and before mixing everything 

Mix everything with spoon

Mixing slightly

Leave the spatula in the eggs

Small knife to cut canned meat

Cut meat in plate 

Cut meat in big slices

Use spatula to get the eggs onto the bread, spread eggs into the whole plate

Good luck with everyone’s cooking!

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