Quick stories in getting tattoos by Evaldas Gulbinas: Mafazine 5

A tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin. The art of making tattoos is tattooing. Purpose of tattooing is to mark the skin. Tattoos fall into three broad categories: purely decorative, symbolic and pictorial. Every tattoo artist has different ways for approaching his journey through work and life.

Coi fishes matching tattoos by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

Tattoo piece ” Coifishes” was made on different people. Two friends wanted a matching koi fishes tattoos.They show up with their own design. Evaldas translated design in his own way to not do a copy of tattoo. Usually, the ideas and styles just spinning in the head to make new creative design of tattoo. The design and tattoo is original and unique, which two friends enjoying to wear for the rest of their life.

Person came to tattoo studio to get rose and sword design. He had idea and photo of design in his phone. Evaldas suggest to get more original and unique design, but in the same concept. The design was drawn up in 10 minutes and the customer was very pleased with it. Person was getting his first tattoo. He was a bit scared. In process of tattooing he was calm and brave. The design came out nicely. He was pleased happy with it. After 4 days he came back to get another tattoo- butterflies. He might got addictive!

Dagger and Eye tattoo by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

Customer came into studio to get eye and dagger tattoo. He had his ideas about it. Evaldas translated in his way, by changing details, shapes, contrast and a bit of concept.Customer liked the design which was drawn up in 10 minutes. Dagger pierced the eye. Eye is crying. Dots makes the emotion more sensitive to view. No need colour. Tattoo was done in 40 minutes. At the end was added the white colour. Everything went solid. Customer and tattooist was happy and satisfied.

One tattoo by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

Japanese guy came to tattoo studio. He wanted to get “Oni” tattoo on his hand. He showed up his ideas to tattooist. Tattooist change some things in the design to make more original and unique tattoo. Evaldas believes that every person needs to wear different tattoos, not a copies of someone else. Tattoo design has to be one to one person. The design was accepted by customer. After lines was done, tattooist asked if he wants a break, as sometimes needs to get rest for both people. The person who was getting tattoo did not wanted a break. That was a bit fun as many customers wants as much as possible breaks. The tattoo was done in about an hour and 30 minutes. Customer was very pleased with it and he left the studio.

Oni sculpture by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

Out of ” Oni” photo was made the sculpture. Matching drawing, tattooing and sculpture together. Trying to push achieved skills forwards.

Oni sculpture by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

There is no limits how photography of tattoos can be made. Different shapes, different bodies of art. The sculpture has a bit of skin taste view.

Dragon back piece sketch by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

After getting tattoo, customer came back with lots of different ideas for the future projects. He has got addicted to tattoos. Customer and tattooist decided to start back piece tattoo project. The dragon head was drawn up in 20 min and the stencilled on the person. Free hand drawing was done for the rest of the design. The idea was to do the main things first and the rest after.

Dragon back piece tattoo in progress by Evaldas Gulbinas, 2021

By the start customer did not feel a lot of pain. Both people was speaking about the life and other things. It was conversation about anything. At the end of finishing the lines customer was in pain and a bit shaking. Afterwards customer got used to it and was able to carry on. This was interesting when minds understands that there is going to be more pain afterwards and there is the only choice to adapt to it. Customer was happy with the outcome. It is just a beginning of big project…

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