Unit2 MAFAzine1 by Qinlin

About Healing Qinlin Huang 2.1号,我们举行了线上展览,International festival, 这是我第一次参加线上展览,在还没开始我的研究生学习之前,我想着我们可以在切尔西举办很多次展览,亲眼看看同学们的作品,和同学们面对面讨论想法,可以在英国看很多的展览,去欧洲旅游、看展。但是疫情打乱了所有计划和常态,加上家里突然发生的事故,让我陷入绝望之中。而这个过程,我必须完成自我拯救,这个过程痛苦而又漫长……. On the 2.1th, The MAFA family held an online exhibition, International festival. This is my first time to participate in an online exhibition. Before I started my MA studies, I thought we could hold many exhibitions in Chelsea and see my classmates’ works in physical, discuss ideas face-to-face, and can visit many exhibitions in the […]

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