Works in Unit 1

Dying happily like a stupid shit Gone with the water Teaching my name Tower of… More ]


Group Individual THE PLACEBO EFFECT gum of Sterculia tree   grape seeds    milk    water   finished materials… More ]

Between the frame

During this time,the sense of  ‘seen’ and ‘being seen’ are simulated my interested. Broadly speaking,… More ]

previous work

The flesh is neither a material nor a spirit, but a common texture organization. When… More ]


Ground in London   Time headstone Self-protection or self-enclosed


Painting on reflective surfaces     I use oil and enamel on partly primed canvas… More ]

Unit 1

Departure Lounge  “Fear of” at Obsessions exhibition “Chew it until you blow it” at Password… More ]


  In November we had a small group exhibition in The Flying Dutchman. In the… More ]

Exhibited Works

  Three Crying Practices Nov.2018 video, performance, with following printed text: This piece is a… More ]

Blind Light

White Light is the work of Anthony Gormley in 2007, which was then exhibited at the… More ]

The Clock

Time has always been a concept that is both virtual and real. It invisibly exists… More ]


Nowadays, concrete is indispensable material. It is the foundation of the urban. The ancient Romans… More ]

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