production label

Production label is whole process of choosing food at home and cleaning up the residues…. More ]


Chelsea college of Art parade ground proposal – Sunflower bed  Benedict Buckle (11332874)  The Idea … More ]

A letter

This video begins with a story about a girl sending a love letter. A letter… More ]

Process of work

I heard a sentence before: describe the world you see or yourself because this the… More ]

Daily News

Daily news is a single channel video, reporting ordinary activities that happen in my daily… More ]

Artist Statement

My name’s Thomas Jon Walker, a video artist currently residing in London and I sometimes… More ]


Yves Klein was preoccupied with colour and his the spiritually uplifting power of colour: gold,… More ]

Art and Objecthood

Michael Fried in his essay, “Art and Objecthood” published in 1967, defines the viewer’s experience… More ]

received a letter

misunderstanding flaw lost information no enough space to upload your picture

DNA Test

When I was browsing the youtube, I found some interesting pieces, about people’s reflect to… More ]

Trash Bin

Wasteland Project Statement WASTELAND gather installation works featuring emerging artists Ka Ian Hoi, Rita Castanheira,… More ]

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